What to expect during a new pet visit

    When you bring your new pet for their first visit (if under 4 months - see puppy/kitten visit) we will review any documentation you provide to determine what vaccines your pet has had (or needs) and review any prior medical problems that will affect their ongoing health care. Please bring any records that you have so that we can review them and record pertinent data. During your appointment we will:
Perform a complete physical examination:
We will weigh and record your pet's weight and vital signs so we can compare to it in the future.
Ears:  examined for signs of infection such as pain, odor or discharge.
Eyes:  examined with attention paid to the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea and internal structures.
Mouth:  examined including the teeth, gums and oral cavity.  Periodontal disease assessment is performed.
Lymph nodes/Immune system: lymph nodes will be palpated for enlargement or pain.
Skin: examined for lumps, rashes, parasites (fleas and ticks), and signs of infection, bruising or change in hydration
Cardiovascular: the heart is examined for murmurs or arrythmias, pulses and mucous membranes evaluated
Respiratory: lungs will be asculted for abnormal sounds or congestion
Abdomen: will be palpated to feel for masses or organ (e.g. liver, spleen, intestines) enlargements or thickening
Musculoskeletal:  spine, muscles and joints examined for pain, swelling or decreased mobility
Submit a stool sample for analysis for intestinal parasites.
Perform heartworm and tickborne disease (dogs) or Leukemia/FIV (cats) blood testing as needed.
Administer vaccinations for Distemper, Rabies, Lyme (dogs), Leukemia (cats) and Bordatella (dogs) as needed.
Discuss dental care (cleaning or preventative care, as appropriate).
Dispense heartworm medication for ongoing prevention.
Dispense flea and tick prevention for ongoing prevention.
Discuss spay/neuter and any questions or concerns.
*** depending on prior vaccine history a booster visit may be needed 3-4 weeks later to ensure complete immunity