Our Staff

Sarah - veterinary assistant
Sarah became a veterinary assistant at Noah's Ark Animal Hospital in 2001.  She has enjoyed watching how veterinary medicine has evolved in the short time (10 years) that she has been a part of the profession.  She lives locally, with her boyfriend and their three children, two dogs, and four cats.  Outside of work, family time is extremely important and she treasures it greatly.  Most of her spare time is spent taking shopping trips with her stepdaughter and cartoon snuggle time with her two boys, the eldest of which has special needs and enjoys his mother's extra care and attention.
Michela - receptionist
Kate - veterinary assistant
Kate is a veterinary assistant at Noah's Ark Animal Hospital.  She owns four Siberian Huskies which she races throughout the eastern United States and Canada.  She also recreationally mushes on our local trails.  She believes in developing a healthy mindset and a healthy body for dogs to allow them to reach their highest potential for work: from pulling a sled hundreds of miles in the mid-winter, to providing service work, to being the all important family guardian.  In her spare time, when not running her dogs, Kate likes to hike, including the entire Northville Placid Trail.  Kate has previously lived in Alaska, and has brought her pioneering spirit back to New York where she is furthering her attempts at "living off the grid" in her family made cabin.
Michela has recently joined Noah's Ark Animal Hospital as a receptionist.  She resides in Johnstown with her husband Joe and their chocolate lab, Duke.  Besides Joe and Duke, she spends much of her time with her parents and two younger siblings.  Michela says she is looking forward to getting to know the many friends of Noah's Ark Animal Hospital.
Below are some pictures with biographies submitted by our staff to let you get to know a little about our team members.